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Velvet & Steel Fitness Studio Changes 1 Jan 2016

I want to make everyone aware of changes going forward in 2016 for Velvet & Steel Fitness, LLC.
1. All class passes will now expire 45 days from purchase. It is your responsibility to keep up with your passes. Any passes purchased prior to 1 Jan 2016 will expire 15 Feb 2016. Passes are not credited past the expiration date. Emergency situations will be handled on a case by case basis.
2. All passes must be purchased via www.sweatguru.com/velvetsteel. This is the official site to purchase passes, book training with me, and register for classes. The studio will take drop ins only. The site uses encrypted credit card processing methods.
3. Please register for your classes via www.sweatguru.com/velvetsteel. Drop ins are still allowed if you are not using a purchased class pass. Liability and waiver forms are required for everyone. No form, no training.
4. Virtual reminders will go out 5 days before due date. A $10 late fee will be assessed on all payments not received by the 5th day after the due date. Please pay for your virtual programs promptly.
5. Nutritional Assessments will now be a separate charged service on all virtual and 1:1 programs. This cost is discounted IF purchased at the time of your virtual or 1:1 session. BodyComposition Analysis are still included in the costs of the virtual or 1:1 programs.
6. ALL in person consultations are $25 as they have always been. Limited to 30min. $25 fee is credited towards any service you sign up for. Phone consultations are for general information only and limited to 10 min.
7. Negligent use of equipment that causes damage or breakage will be charged to the client.
8. Wednesday class costs will increase. CXWORX is now $8. BodyCombat is now $9.
9. 48 hour turn around for training programs, meal and nutritional plans from date of payment.
10. Sharing of programs is STRICTLY prohibited. Use of logo and business name without consent is STRICTLY prohibited. Violation of such will be addressed legally.
11. 1:1 sessions can be rescheduled or canceled if more than 24hours before the sessions. 12 hours incurs forfeiture of 1/2 the cost of the session. Inside of 12 hours incurs forfeiture of the entire session costs. Emergencies are handled on a case by case basis.
12. DAYTIME CLASSES WILL START ON 18 JAN 2016 @10AM. These classes will be 1hr Total Body Strength Conditioning and Cardio ($12). M/W/F. Trial run for one month. Classes will continue or discontinue based on participation after 19 Feb 2016
Thank you for allowing me to train you and transform your lives. We at VSF look forward to a productive 2016 with you. #velvetsteelfitness #AverageAintEnough
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Velvet & Steel Fitness Class Schedule Changes


Monday ~ TRX 7pm $12 (Requires a registration. NO DROP-INS)
Tuesday ~ Bodies of Steel Total Body (Beginner/Intermediate 6:30pm, Intermediate/Advanced 7:30pm. Each Class is $12
Wednesday ~ Les Mills CXWORX (CORE) 6:30pm $7, Les Mills BodyCombat (45min) 7pm $8
Thursday ~Bodies of Steel Total Body (Beginner/Intermediate 6:30pm, Intermediate/Advanced 7:30pm. Each Class is $12
Saturday ~ Bodies of Steel Total Body 8:15am $12, BodyCombat 9:30am $12, CXWORX 10:45am $8

All classes are subject to change at the discretion of Velvet & Steel Fitness LLC. Registration for classes can be done at www.sweatguru.com/velvetsteel. NO DROP INS ARE ALLOWED FOR TRX.

All assessments, consultations, private group fitness sessions and one on one personal training sessions still require appointments.

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